7 Linux Multiboot USB 64bit

SteamOS, Zorin, Ubuntu, Peppermint, LinuxLite, Debian & Mint Cinnamon.

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The Linux that you will be getting are:

Ubuntu 18.04 Operating System LTS 

Ubuntu is the world's favourite Linux operating system, with more than 20 million people users.

Ubuntu is packed with apps such as Web browsing Firefox already installed, LibreOffice which is a fully-featured replacement for Microsoft Word. for quick and easy communication, chat accounts, email and calendar. Music and mobile. Ubuntu works with all common portable music players, as well as Android phones and the iPhone. You'll find all the tunes you'll ever need in the Ubuntu One Music Store. Photos and videos.  

Debian 9.4 Lxde 

The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system.

This operating system that we have created is called Debian. Debian LXDE is designed to work well with computers on the low end of the performance spectrum such as older resource-constrained machines, new generation netbooks, and other small computers. 


SteamOS is a Debian-based Linux operating system by Valve Corporation and is the primary operating system for Valve's Steam Machine gaming hardware platform.

It also provides a desktop mode (GNOME) which can run regular Linux applications. In addition to a stable Debian base, SteamOS features various third-party drivers and updated graphics stack, a newer Linux kernel with long-term support, and a custom graphics compositor designed to provide a seamless transition between Steam, its games and the SteamOS system overlay.

Linux Mint 19.1"Tessa" - Cinnamon 

The purpose of Linux Mint is to produce a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both powerful and easy to use.
•It works out of the box, with full multimedia support and is extremely easy to use.
•It's both free of cost and open source.
•It's community-driven. Users are encouraged to send feedback to the project so that their ideas can be used to improve Linux Mint.
•Based on Debian and Ubuntu, it provides about 30,000 packages and one of the best software managers.
•It's safe and reliable. 

Linux Lite 4.4

Linux Lite is a Linux distribution, based on Debian and Ubuntu.

The distribution offers a lightweight desktop experience with a customized Xfce Desktop environment.

It includes a set of Lite application to make the life easier for a novice Linux user

Zorin OS Core 12.3

Zorin OS Core gives you all the essential features you need from your computer in a fast, secure and easy to use package. 

Whether you're browsing the web, doing document work, chatting with your friends or editing your photos, you can count on Zorin OS Core for a smooth desktop experience 


Peppermint 9 

Say hello to the next iteration of lightweight, stable, and super fast operating system!

Based on Lubuntu, the Peppermint's developers have written about their principles of providing a familiar environment for newcomers to Linux, which requires relatively low hardware resources to run