Reset Windows Password with Rescatux

This video will show you step by step how to reset your windows password with Linux Rescatux


  • Problem: The software finished successfully but Windows is still asking me for a password.

Solution 1: Try leaving the password space blank and simply click Login.

Solution 2: Run the software again and select a different user on step 10. repeat the process to clear the password from all users. see image.

  • Problem: at the end of the process the error appear " Backup of SAM directory went wrong, Windows Password was not reset. something went wrong! "

Solution : There are two buttons that say "Reset Windows Password", (stage 7 on our manual) one is located under Windows, the other located under Password. 

Run the process both of them, one after the other. see image:

If you still having trouble booting from the USB please contact us via the contact page, or by email: