Yes we can!

Just send us an email with the Linux OS that you want, and we will do the rest.
Use the contact page or email us:
You can use all our products as many times as you like, there are no restrictions.

Linux is a type of operating system, like Windows and Mac, but better then both.

It is the best-known and most-used open source operating system. As an operating system, Linux is software that sits underneath all of the other software on a computer, receiving requests from those programs and relaying these requests to the computer's hardware.

According to Wikipedia "Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems". We are proud to be part of this Family!
For the United Kingdom will take up to 5 working days.
For the rest of the EU countries it will take up to 7 working days.
All other countries up to 9 working days.

Please know that we ship all items within 2 working days, using priority shipping, so most likely the item will arrive to you much faster then the time listed above.
We ship anytime, anywhere.

We send all parcels from our warehouse in U.K.

If the item will arrive broken we will ask for you to email u a picture so that we can raise a complain with the courier company, and we will send you a replacement for free.

If the item doesn't work we will ask for a few more details to find the reason, sometimes you will need to change some setting on your PC.
If we cannot get the item to work we will offer you a full refund or a replacement,

Most likely you need to change some setting in your BIOS menu, such as disable secure boot and change the boot priority.

You can see how to do it in our help page (click on the link to visit the page):

If you still have trouble please email us your computer or laptop model, and we will guide you step by step.

You can return the item to us up to 30 days for a full refund.