Ubuntu Linux 20 Latest Version On 16GB USB

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This is the full and latest version of the Ubuntu OS for desktop PCs and laptops: Ubuntu 20.04

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  • Ubuntu is the most popular Linux in the world, Contains a massive array of software - office applications, browser, email, image editing and more.
  • With this USB you can run Ubuntu straight from the USB, no installation needed.
  • The OS will come with many build-in software, such as: LibreOffice, VLC media player, Firefox Web Browser, Chess, Thunderbird mail and more.
  • Minimum System Requirements: 4 GB RAM, Dual Core Processor (2 GHZ), 25 GB free disk space, VGA capable of 1024x768 screen resolution.

Ubuntu Desktop LTS

Ubuntu is the world's favourite Linux operating system, with more than 20 million people users.

It arrive packed with many software such as Web browsing Firefox already installed, LibreOffice which is a fully-featured replacement for Microsoft Office.

Works with all common portable music players, as well as Android phones and the iPhone.